Organisations transform themselves for many reasons, sustainability, strategic direction, compliance, to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves, or regulatory/industry compliance. Sentric assist organisations to transform by:
  • Assisting organisations to build strong business cases through clearly defining benefits/outcomes
  • Governing planned initiatives so they remain aligned to the business case and stated benefits/outcomes
  • Run visualisation workshops so that everyone clearly understands the desired outcomes of the strategy
  • Provide contextual maps that clearly define and separate ownership of business capabilities and information technology enablers
  • Minimising resistance to change through a co-creative approach to implementation, bringing every one along on the journey and showing them where they play a key role in achieving success
  • Providing skilled and experienced teams to co-create the solution and implement the capabilities and enablers
  • Providing business as usual teams the right knowledge and training to ensure the ongoing success of the new business capabilities and underpinning information technology enablers.