Business Strategy

At Sentric we understand strategic planning and how key it is in ensuring organisations stay viable and true to their purpose. We facilitate the strategy workshops, assist in the development process, and identify and deal with problems, before they become a threat to the organisation.

Sentric also understand the processes to cascade an organisational strategies objectives down to divisional and department level ensuring alignment of KPI’s.

Sentric’s Strategy Services are offered across both Business and ICT areas and encompass:

  • Strategy Workshop Facilitation
  • SWOT and PESTEL analysis
  • Objective and Outcome Setting
  • Governance
  • Balanced Scorecard

Once the organisational strategy is determined we can also assist in the development of the roadmap to deliver the objectives :

  • Transformation Roadmaps
  • Investment Logic Mapping
  • Benefit Management Planning
  • Business Case Development
  • Business Model Canvas (BMC)

In addition to the business strategic services Sentric have extensive experience in communicating the required capabilities in the business strategy to Information Technology enablers:

  • Business ICT Alignment
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • ICT Governance
    • COBIT
    • Val IT
    • Design Authorities

Business Process Education (BPE)

Business process education is a key part of providing teams the skills to assist an organization to achieve its strategic intent. Business Improvement Projects are about understanding the who, when why and how to determine the root cause of a process no longer being fir for purpose.

Sentric offers its clients services around educating, coaching and mentoring project teams on business process analysis techniques that are best practices for their industry and how to apply these within their transformational projects.

Our program is tailored and designed to meet the specific needs of your organization teams that are tasked with the business processes analysis and cover areas such as:

  • Business Canvass Modelling
  • Business Function Modelling
  • Heat mapping
  • Value Stream Analysis
  • Capability Analysis
  • Product and Service Tear Down

The coaching, mentoring and education are foundational elements to a successful business process improvement or transformation project.

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Capability Modelling (CM)

Capability modelling is a proven toll when it comes to transformational or business improvement projects, especially those that require the development and management of strategic roadmaps.

Any project that is implementing change requires an understanding of the impact this change will have to the current business model. Business impact usually means changes to people, process, and systems.

While there are many steps in successfully implementing a business improvement project, the first step is to understand and describe how an organization needs to organize itself in order to operate a given business model.

Sentric provides a methodology to review and analyse your existing business model ensuring aligned capabilities with strategic intent, and fit for purpose business processes that improve the desired business outcomes.

The methodology discovers and analyses the senior knowledge workers, who are then interviewed. The output of the interview is the development of the Business Function Model (BFM) which shows the a three tier functional structure of how the organization structures it’s teams and the functions those teams perform.

This forms the base model of the application of additional analysis layers such as:

  • Process Heat Maps
  • Application Heat Maps
  • Emotional Heat Maps
  • Outcome Heat Maps
  • Capability Heat Maps

As the maps are being produced, Sentric the analysis of the underlying business process. The result is a holistic view of the business from three major perspectives:

  • Value (Customer)
  • Relationship (Supplier)
  • Capability (Strategic)

Components of Capability Modelling

  • Organizational Structure
  • Strategic Intent (Strategy)
  • Processes
  • Data Flows
  • Applications and Tools
  • Skills and Knowledge

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Business Process Analysis (BPA)

Sentric provide assistance to organisations that are not engaging in a transformational project but still want to ensure continuous improvement through Business Process Analysis (BPR). Our consultants will provide a comprehensive plan to review processes. This include interviews with key knowledge workers, business users, management, suppliers, partners and external regulatory parties providing and independent opinion of the process.

Key areas of analysis include:

  • Efficiency and effectiveness of process
  • Relevance of process to “Delighting the Customer” (Value Streams)
  • Compliance
  • Redundancies
  • Fit for purpose

The reviews are conducted using a Symptom to Root Cause Analyses process. Similar to how a medical diagnostic is performed we document the symptoms, identify what triggers the symptom and then determine the root cause for the trigger. Our experience has shown that many symptoms are associated with a single problem (root cause) and that solutions can be developed that deliver fast and beneficial changes in a cost effective manner

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Business Process Mapping (BPM)

Sentric’s business process mapping methodology builds visual representations of a business that can be understood at any level of the organization while still providing enough detail for effective review and analysis.

  • Level 1 Defines the major functions and processes of the business.
  • Level 2 Defines all of the major business sub functions and process categories
  • Level 3 Defines business processes in a swim-lane map
  • Level 4 Defines the use cases associated with each function

These maps become a valuable component in any future transformation ort continuous improvement

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Business Process Documentation (BPD)

Sentric has a proven methodology for the development of business process documentation. Our teams will work with your organisation to build the following components:

  • Organisation chart – identifies all of the users by business process category
  • Analysis document – records information gained in business process interviews
  • Business process catalogue – identifies all the business process categories
  • Activity diagrams – documents business process steps
  • Symptom to Root Cause Analysis – identifies symptoms, triggers and root cause analysis for processes that are not fit for purpose

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Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

Sentric assist organisations to align their business process with their new or existing strategic plan. This involves the development of the future state of business processes. In order to understand the pathway to achieving the strategic direction (future state) Sentric work with your business to define the current state through the BPR process. This often requires that Business Process Education (BPE) is conducted to ensure that the team are using the same vocabulary, methods of analysis, and are all agreed on the required outcome(s).

After the team(s) are aligned, Sentric facilitate a number of workshops to develop the future state model. Workshops are organised by functional areas, as defined in the Business Function Model.

Armed with the current and future states, the team can now perform a gap analysis. This analysis forms the roadmap for transformation and the organization defines the initiatives to move to the new future state removing or reengineering processes that are not fit for purpose.

As the gap analysis becomes clear, the team is asked to build an Investment Logic Map (ILM) and a Benefits management plan. These are then used by Sentric to guide executive management and the team through the development of the business case for change.

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