Partnering for NDIS Success

  • Are you prepared for NDIS?
  • What changes does your Organisation need?
  • How will you transform?

The NDIS will have significant impact to the current and future providers of disability services across Australia. Managing the change and establishing the right business and funding models that are effective, efficient and agile.  Success will require a detailed understanding of how your organisation currently operates and where changes need to occur across People, Information and Technology, to deliver existing and new services packages.

Key Challenges:

  • Provision of NDIS services will see new non-traditional market entrants.
  • Your teams will need new skills and capabilities to service the new CDC approach.
  • Boards need to understand the impact of NDIS to their business and funding models.
  • Without mobility and digital presence, NDIS services will be less cost effective.
  • New access channels to information will be required by Carers and Consumers.
  • Supporting systems will need to be enhanced.
  • Marketing and Communication capabilities will need to change dramatically.

NDIS Readiness

How Sentric will prepare your Organisation

  • Analyse your current Organisation capability and understand the gaps
  • Align your People, Process and Technology
  • Transform your Culture, Business and Funding models


About Sentric

Sentric have been providing consulting and transformation services to the Health, Aged Care, and Disability Services area for over 6 years. Our Senior Consultants have assisted Not-for-Profit organisations transform their organisations to successfully build care packages and deliver these to satisfied customers in an effective, efficient and agile manner.

Sentric’s Partners sit on Health and Disability boards as well as strategy and governance committees for a number of organisations. They have extensive knowledge, insights and experience in developing business and funding models as well as hands on experience in transitioning and transforming organisations to the new CDC and NDIS models.

Sentric can assist your organisation to meet the NDIS requirements through a structured and easy to understand approach. Our 8 step Business Change Plan provides organisations with a structured and easy to understand approach with clear outcomes and deliverables for each phase.

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