Community Sentric

Community Sentric is our community services arm. As part of our ongoing commitment to the community we are proud to provide pro bono and discounted services to small business, community groups, not for profit, and charities. At Sentric we believe that supporting these groups develops a stronger business and social community that benefits both our staff, customers and future growth of our organisation. Community Sentric is not just about supporting our community; it is about having our community support itself through sharing our knowledge and skills. One of the key principles we employ is the “pay it forward” philosophy, instead of paying us for our assistance, we ask that you donate some money to a charity – pay it “forward” — do something nice for someone you don’t know.

Pro Bono

In addition to the sponsoring of community groups, Sentric provide Pro-Bono professional work, mostly undertaken voluntarily and without payment. On larger programs of work we operate at a significantly reduced fee. Sentric people are individuals that have worked in multiple industries and executive roles in both business and information technology domains.

We have expertise across Telecommunications, Retail, Utilities, Finance, Health, Pharmaceuticals, Government, Food and Entertainment.

This gives our people a well-rounded skill set, which allows our teams to quickly understand your organisation’s objectives, business capabilities and information technology enablers, required to achieve your desired business strategy outcomes.

The Outcome we want to achieve is the successful growth of your business or the increased services charities provide to the community is our reward.


Our Community Sentric team are skilled in a number of areas including:

Business Strategy

  • Assisting you to develop and implement a business strategy that meets your strategic intent and budget.

Marketing Strategy

  • Developing a marketing strategy to reach your current and potential customers.

ICT Strategy

  • Utilising the latest technology services and tools to maximise your budget and improve customer service and business processes.

Event Management

  • Organising events or leveraging off Sentric run events to attract potential customers or donors.

Business and Staff Coaching and Mentoring

Providing Business Coaching and Mentoring programs. These programs will develop your executives and staff and increase their strengths, improve morale and provide additional skill sets that are useful in growing your business.

Business Tools and Training

What tools to use and how to use them?


Communities – Sentric offer community groups sponsorship services for special projects. This is based on a submission and is capped at $500.00 per request. Small Business – For Small Business this service is free. All we ask is a small donation to the SHARE charity. Not For Profit and Charities – For Not For Profit and Charities we have a range of offerings from free to heavily discounted charges, depending on the length of the engagement and the services required. Please contact us to discuss your needs.