You wouldn’t put an extension on your house without a blueprint to guide your changes. Enterprise Architecture is the blue print for your organisation, it shows you your current business functions (capabilities) and underpinning tools and services(enablers). Used iteratively Enterprise architecture can show you where you have problems, bottlenecks, inefficiencies that are preventing your organisation from achieving its purpose. Sentric’s Architecture Team are experience across all four areas of architecture (Business, Data, Applications and Technology) and can assist organisations to develop:
  • Business Architecture : How people and process function and use Data, Applications and Technology
  • Data Architecture : Ownership and production of data as it makes its journey from application to information
  • Application Architecture : The functionality, scalability, reliability, and availability of applications
  • Technology Architecture : What controls and supports the software and hardware technology.
  • Security Architecture: How is Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of critical information assets maintained

Successful Enterprise Architecture requires strong

  • Business Strategy
  • Information Technology Strategy
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Information Management Strategy