A strategy is a way of describing how you would like to get things done and broadly answer the question, “How do we get from A to B?” Sentric understand that a good strategy takes into account existing barriers and resources and needs to be aligned to an organisation’s overall purpose, vision, mission, and objective. Often, a strategy will require changes to business capabilities, information technology enablers or both to achieve its desired outcomes. Since 1997 Sentric has been involved in the development of both business and information technology strategies for multiple industry sectors. These strategies have covered:
  • Information Management (BI, Records Management, Document Management, Structured and Unstructured)
  • Information Security (Information Asset Profile, Privacy Impact Analysis, Security Policy and Education)
  • Information Technology (Including Enterprise Architecture)
  • Application Roadmaps (Convergence and Consolidation)
  • Cloud (SaaS,IaaS,PaaS)
  • Outsourcing (Outcome Based and KPI Based Contracts)
  • Managed Services (Desktop, Application, Infrastructure)
  • Customer Care (CRM, Client and Case Management, Call Center, Service Management)